May 2006

The boot loader is working and can be used to load any PE executable as long as it conforms to the guidelines that allows it to load and run without the requirement for system services.  Such an executable forms the kernel of an embedded system or even a fully fledged operating system.  The boot loader is a 32 bit flat protected mode program which contains a rudimentary FAT file system driver, a PE loader and v86 emulation to call bios functions directly.  All this fits in approx 20K of code. It can even load and execute a 64 bit kernel!!!

Peter has also been working on his own software emulator for the x86/AMD64 (x64) family of CPUs.  It is a little different from typical software emulators in that is includes some rudimentary source level debugging facilities.  Over time, the debugger/emulator will be improved to the level where more extensive debugging facilities will be available.

Screenshots of the interactive debugging emulator running the Classios boot loader are here.

Also for general interest, Peter moderates a Google groups/mailing list discussing the potential of operating systems written using Object Pascal, of which Classios could be a contender.  The list is open for all to participate and can be located here